Loot Time Episodes

Episode 35

We start the new year off by binge watching our favorite shows. Week 1 we talk about the creepy and disturbing show or Black Mirror. Learn why this is a must binge show on Netflix and some fun facts about the show.

Episode 34

This episode we are swimming with the fish with Aquaman. We discuss where he came from what he does and what he eats for lunch. We just saw the new move so hear what we have to say about that. Lastly we give you some fun Aquaman fun facts.

Episode 33

This week we talk about the video game franchise Tomb Raider. We discuss the early games vs the new games, we talk about the old movies and the new one. We finish with fun facts about Lady Croft.

Episode 32

This week we talk about the popular action blockbuster Die Hard. We also answer the question is this a Christmas movie. Listen to find out if our opinion matches with your and the world.

Episode 31

This episode we talk about Escape From New York.